Family communications will be coordinated by the Sponsoring Agencies utilizing the UT-TF 1 internet website and Everbridge Communications Network.

UT-TF 1 Family Member Website Upon activation and departure of the task force, family points of contact as designated in the UT-TF 1 database will be able to access information regarding the deployment via the UT-TF 1 internet website at:

Click on the Family Support Network link

A username and passowrd will be provided to obtain Information regarding:

The Everbridge will utilize family emergency contact numbers listed in the UT-TF 1 database to call family members. UT-TF 1 family members will be informed of the website address, user name, and password to access task force deployment information. The Everbridge call list for family members has been established and is periodically maintained in our on-line account.

The Calendar below will show active deployment/activity information.


Team Status

State Team: Deployable
Federal Team: Deployable



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